Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Final Projects Finished!

I finished my final projects this weekend! So happy they are over with!

Animation Final: The Santa Hat Play in high quality please!

Design: Poster Project

Poster-Dolphins by ~xYaminogamex on deviantART

Figure Drawing:

Distressed Artist by ~xYaminogamex on deviantART

Distressed Artist_Close Ups by ~xYaminogamex on deviantART

Yes, I know my background is horrible...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Animation Progress

This is for my final project in my animation 450a class.
I wish I had more time to work on my animation part, but I don't. I have two more days and I still have to finish my design project!

I worked hard on my backgrounds though.

Boy walk cycle:

My sister helped with the editing and did the coloring! This was the first time I have worked with Flash! And the first time I ever used a cintiq!

I did the above one completely by myself.

My sister helped direct and drew first frame.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I really love giraffes so I love drawing them. I want to draw more giraffe pictures. So far I been using photos I found online, but I want to go to the zoo and take my own photos eventually!

I did this one in 12th grade for an AP breadth piece.

This piece was done in the summer of 2010.

Women and Dreams

I made myself a new art blog after my other one transformed into a blog for my Japanese class.

These are the 4 final pieces I made for my first big design project in Design Fundamentals. I am happy so many people in my class liked these. I worked very hard cutting these out! It is Gouache on paper where the paper is cut out and pasted onto white. Then I inked in the background and other small lines. We had to express the four design principles- emphasis and economy, proportion, movement, and balance. All of my pieces have birds flying. And I noticed all my women are on the same side of the page...

Emphasis and Economy