Friday, March 9, 2012

Short Film: Fatal Females

For the production class I am taking this semester, my group and I had to film a scene two different ways using an "open script." For one of our films we had to interpret the script so the visuals and editing made the audience feel "tense" and the second one we had to film had to make the audience feel "calm."

This is the film I directed and filmed, which is the tense scene. I did some of the editing when the characters are talking, but my friend and group member Nolan did most of the main editing.

The video quality diminished from being shrunk.

Director and most Camera work: Me
Actors and Actresses:
Alexa Harzan as the biker girl with the red streak
Elizabeth Cutbirth as the other biker girl
Nolan Robertson as the tied up man
Sound: Nolan
Editing: Nolan, Me, Elizabeth

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Painting: Nostalgia for the Past

This is still life I did about myself for my beginning painting class. I chose objects that reflected my personality and dreams. As a child, I loved Disney movies and they inspired me to fall in love with drawing and pursue it as a career. Video games also inspired me to be imaginative and creative. I added the toys because I can remember playing many hours with that My Little Pony and stuffed horse and creating stories for them. The books are a art history book and book on Medieval Legends. I love art history and middle age lore. I also added the pens, markers, paper, and a sketch book to reflect how these other objects inspired me to become an artist.

 I worked an insane amount of hours on this. But I am pretty proud of it. I think it is my best painting yet. I may go back to it later and rework the "Bambi" logo and the image of Bambi himself.